Come Aboard Steamboat, The Series

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This exciting, new and revolutionary entertainment branding platform is now offering an
unparalleled venue for advertisers and their brands to be exposed to loyal consumers.
“Steamboat” is a behind the scenes, mock-umentary look at the day to day productions and shenanigans of the cast and crew of a well loved, but struggling soap opera. Why is it called  “Steamboat”? “Titanic” and “Loveboat” were already taken!

“Steamboat” is produced by Studio 47 Productions and led by founders Michael O’Leary and Scott Bryce. Creator and writer, Michael O’Leary has designed “Steamboat” for Brand
Integration. Beyond product placement, the show’s writers will integrate the sponsor’s brand into the plot and dialogue of the script. The scripts use satire and sometimes irreverent cast behavior to create a humorous recognition. This allows for multiple mentions and scene placements in a comedy setting, while still carefully protecting the brand image and integrity. The show can be written in a tier system to amalgamate up to a maximum of three brands, or serve as a message delivery, for a single brand.

More exciting for sponsors is that “Steamboat” has a fan base that is still emotionally attached to the network series in which the actors were involved. All this allows for a sense of inclusion with the actors that the fans were and still are dedicated to, this is an opportunity for brands to benefit by drafting off of such emotional dedication. The viral potential has inestimable value to a brand.

Consumer experiential events with the actors put products directly into the hands of these loyal and dedicated consumers. The international fan base reaches more than 20 million and combined with their domestic fans is over 100 million. Imagine more than 100 million consumers that are emotionally attached to these actors and the brands they endorse. At these events, it’s hard to tell who are the bigger characters, the fans or the actors!

“Steamboat” is a NATPE “Best In Branded Entertainment” nominee. Executive Producer and Co-Founder, Scott Bryce is proud of his ensemble cast of critically acclaimed Soap Stars. All cast members have established careers from long running daytime soaps from ABC, NBC and CBS.

Studio 47 Productions with ConvergTV’s, The Venture Channel is now distributing this award winning, brand integration, comedy soap spoof, “Steamboat” available on Roku and NetTalk.

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Full Steam Ahead!!
“Steamboat” is produced under an AFTRA/SAG new media contract

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